Office of The Chief

On behalf of all who contributed to this website, we hope that you will find it to be helpful and instructive.

We are very mindful that we can only ‘protect and serve’ if we are in partnership with the community.  To that extent, we have put many programs in place to ensure maximum interaction with the public.  We are proud to have such programs as public safety day, a teenage police academy, an adult police academy, vacation home checks, outreach programs for the elderly, car seat installations, and much more.

It is our goal to carry out our duties to the very best of our abilities. We are constantly engaged in updating services, policies, training and equipment to help us face the ever changing demands of society.  In February of 2007, our Department earned accreditation with the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission.  After a rigorous examination process, the Somerset Police Department was certified to exhibit the highest professional standards in police work, and the Department is reviewed every three years to ensure ongoing dedication to these standards.

If there is anything we can do to assist you in furtherance of our duties and pledge to provide the best police service, please call, stop by or send an email. Thank you for visiting the website.

Col. Joseph C. Ferreira, Chief of Police (Retired)