The Somerset Police Department operates from a central police/fire building at 465 County Street. The present police/fire structure was built in 1965 and received renovations and a 9,000 square foot addition in 2004.

Currently there are 28 full-time sworn members on the Department. They are supported by full and part-time public safety dispatchers, a records clerk and building maintenance person. Assisting the officers and dispatchers are several reserve police officers.

The Department operates with marked patrol cars, two motorcycles, a Special Response vehicle, and unmarked vehicles. The front line cruisers are equipped with the latest in communications and emergency equipment, including a mobile data system that allows officers access to local, state and federal criminal and motor vehicle information databases. All patrol cars are equipped with
emergency medical equipment including automatic defibrillators.

Several officers are specially trained to operate the Department’s three mountain bicycles. The bikes are used on special assignments and regular patrol. During good weather, officers attach a bike to their patrol car and spend time patrolling their sector on the bike. Motorcycle officers also attend a week long intensive training course.

The Department is commanded by the Chief of Police and Captains, who are second in command. The Chief of Police reports to a Town Administrator concerning personnel and budget matters, and for policy matters, to a three person Board of Selectmen who are also Police Commissioners.

The Patrol, or Uniform Division, consists of supervisors, patrol officers and reserves. Each shift is comprised of a lieutenant, whom assumes the role of watch commander, and a sergeant who
also is the Patrol Supervisor.

The Department has a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) officer and School Resources Officer (SRO). DARE is primarily taught at the Middle School, but there is some instruction at the elementary school level. The SRO is primarily assigned to the High School but also visits all the Town’s schools to check on security and speak with the children about staying safe.

Two Somerset Police Officers are certified Child Safety Seat Technicians. These officers show parents, grandparents and guardians how to install a car safety seat properly.

The Department is very pro-active in child passenger and pedestrian safety and conducts educational and enforcement initiatives on a regular basis.

The Detective Division investigates major crimes and provides limited crime scene forensics.

The station is equipped with five adult and juvenile holding cells. Prisoners who will be held overnight or through the weekend are transported to the Bristol County Sheriff’s lockup in New Bedford. Juvenile offenders requiring a secure facility are also transported elsewhere.

The Department’s Police and Communications general operating budget for dispatching and police services totals just above 2 million dollars annually.. Vehicle maintenance is provided by mechanics at the Town’s Highway Department facility.